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The Global Training & Certification Institute also known as the G.T.C. Institute, LLC is a leading provider of globally recognized, 100% online certification and designation programs.

Our Mission: To offer the most practical, challenging, and globally relevant certification program in every niche profession we serve.

Through serving over 3,000 professionals from over 40 countries, and by keeping this single focus, we have been able to constantly improve our platform by being the first to implement technologies such as our proprietary and secure online testing systems, audio expert interview series, and advanced video delivery system. We have chosen to solve the problems that others seem it ignore.

We are currently offering intensive professional self-improvement certification programs within the following function areas:

Specialized Business Certification Programs

Certified Advanced Business Analyst (CABA): Business analysis positions are growing in number and being able to conduct analyses is required for most business management positions. This business analysis certification program is for current business analysts or those who are seeking to graduate or switch industries to soon become a business analyst. Learn more about this business analyst certification.

Certified Business Coaching Specialist (CBCS): The coaching field is growing rapidly creating many new jobs and opportunities for those who have the skills and know-how to provide value to others through coaching. This business coaching certification program provides an online method to learn these best practices. Learn more about this business coaching certification.

Certified Business Broker (CBB): Typically most professionals either really make it and do well in business brokerage or never get enough momentum to get their business brokerage career off the ground. This business broker certification program helps professionals gain more credibility, pedigree, and know-how so they are more likely to succeed. Learn more about this business brokerage certification.

Certified Business Consultant (CBC): Knowledge doubles every five years and such so do consulting opportunities. This business consultant certification program was designed from top down to provide you with practical tools, communication models, consulting templates, and practical tips to help you become an expert on consulting. Learn more about this business consultant certification.

Certified Translation Professional (CTP): The translation industry one of the fastest growing fields of employment, growing as the level of international trade is raised every year. In turn this translator certification program has been one of our most popular programs with at least one new participant joining daily. Learn more about this translator certification program.

Finance & Investment Certification Programs

Financial Analysis Specialist Certification (FASC): Financial analysis is critical for corporate managers, financial analysts, portfolio analysts, traders, investment associates, investment banking, and private equity work. This financial analyst certification program was created initially by request of others who have completed our certification programs and needed more financial analysis training. Learn more about this financial analyst certification.

Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP): The CHP designation was one of our first designation programs launched and has since become the #1 most popular and globally recognized program in the hedge fund industry. We are proud to say that this hedge fund certification program is the only built exclusively by hedge fund professionals. Learn more about this hedge fund certification.

Certified Financial Modeling Specialist (CFMS): The financial modeling program is s a self-paced training and certification program covering financial modeling strategies, video modules, planning, best practices, a practice test, and tools to online participants. Click on the following link to learn more about this financial modeling certification program.

Certified Investment Banking Associate (CIBA): By request we are have developed the CIBA certification. The certification program covers investment banking fundamentals, industry terms, financial models, and best practices. Click on the following link to learn more about our investment banking certification programs.

Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP): The CPEP program is a 100% online private equity training and certification program. It is the #1 most well known private equity certification that is available completely online. Learn more about this private equity certification.

Human Resources & Recruiting Certification Programs

Certified Recruiting Specialist (CRS): Recruiters are needed during recessions to help attract the best talent for the budget available, and they are in even greater demand in good economies as company’s rapidly expand their teams. Whether you work in a large corporation or a small entrepreneurial recruiting firm our recruiter certification program will help you pick up new kills, tactics, and processes to get you and your clients faster results. Learn more about this recruiting certification.

Certified Associate in Human Resources (CAHR): The CAHR program is a specialized training and certification program for Human Resources professionals looking to re-invest in further developing their HR knowledge, skills, and strategies. Click on the following link to learn more about this human resources certification.

Business Management Certification Programs

Certified Business Management Expert (CBME): Designed for corporate business managers and useful for small business owners this program drives straight to the specifics on how to manage your business team towards rapid growth for your business. Within this business management certification program we skip over some management theories and nice thoughts and dig straight into how to make your business department or corporation thrive within your niche field. Learn more about this business management certification.

Customer Service Manager Certificate (CSMC): This program has a strong basis in customer loyalty and how to combine that with managing other customer service professionals to turn this typical cost center into a strategic competitive advantage for your firm. This customer service certification program is for those who could use a refresher course on customer service best practices, and want to do more then simply satisfy their clients. Learn more about this customer service management certification.

Certified International Business Specialist (CIBS): International business and global trade is here to stay, as emerging economies become massive sources of new business the need for international business managers and small business owners with international business know-how is growing very rapidly. This international business certification was put together by three experts who manage global businesses and have faced the related challenges on a daily basis as managers, owners, and team members. Learn more about this international business certification.

Certified Purchasing Management Expert (CPME): Purchasing, like supply chain management is an area where more expertise and help is needed the worse the economy gets. This is because everyone wants to be operating more efficiently and saving money when we enter a recession. This purchasing certification program helps those entering purchasing or working in the area master many best practices in the space. Learn more about this purchasing management certification.

Certified Supply Chain Management Specialist (CSCMS): Supply chain management, like purchasing is an area where more expertise and help is needed the worse the economy gets. This is because everyone wants to be operating more efficiently and saving money when we enter a recession. This supply chain management certification program will help equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to speed up your career in this area. Learn more about this supply chain management certification.

Certified Project Management Specialist (CPMS): Project management is absolutely critical if you are a business manager, business consultant, or small business owner. This practical tools and best practices focused project management certification program is taught by a worldwide expert who has now taught 1,000’s of professionals how to execute project management within challenging business environments. Learn more about this project management certification.

Marketing & Sales Certification Programs

Certified Internet Marketing Specialist (CIMS): With more business being done online every quarter internet marketing techniques are moving from a niche area of marketing to a large component of marketing budgets of businesses large and small. Within this internet marketing certification program you will be taught by someone who learned about online marketing the hard way and developed his own successful series of internet marketing tools and templates to follow. Learn more about this internet marketing certification.

Certified Copywriting Specialist (CCS): Not related to the legal protection of documents, copywriting in the marketing sense means persuasive writing or the practice of writing in a powerful way that gets others to take immediate action. This copywriter certification program provides step-by-step formulas, headline tips, power words, and processes to follow to improve your copywriting abilities. If you would like to stand out in the marketing field or add a powerful tool to your internet marketing abilities his copywriting program is right for you. Learn more about this copywriting certification.

Certified Business Development Expert (CBDE): Business development is one of the highest leverage areas you can learn about if you are in charge of managing your business department, growing it, or conducting marketing and sales at your organization. This business development certification program is concise, focused, and results-driven from start to finish. Learn more about this business development certification.

Certified Public Relations Specialist (CPRS): The PR field is changing quickly and so is the skill set needed to do well in this area. Our team has over 3,000 hours of hands-on internet marketing, copywriting, business development, marketing, and sales experience and we combine this with our deep public relations knowledge to offer this unique public relations certification program. Learn more about this public relations certification.

Advanced Sales Manager Certification (ASMC): The ASMC program includes over 30 video modules, a detailed study guide, book summaries, and very practical sales training that is crucial for the sales industry. Learn more about this sales certification.

Masters in Marketing Certificate: Our team is soon coming out with our new Masters in Marketing Certificate that can be earned by completing a combination of the sales and marketing certification programs available through BusinessTraining.com. Learn more about Masters in Marketing Certificate.

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